There are so many great resources online that I figured I would compile a few of my favorites here for you guys to learn from as well! This definitely isn’t an end all be all list (that would be Google) but it’s a pretty good start.

Michigan State University Extension Office– Great resource for learning about safely canning, master gardener programs, 4h among other expert resources. If you don’t live in Michigan check with your State University to see what they offer.

Homestead Bloggers Network– So many great links to other homestead bloggers and resources.

The Elliott Homestead– one of my absolute favorite blogs. Seriously, I blog-stalk Shaye like a crazy person 😉 not really…well mostly. Anyways, great recipes and tips and she is a great blogger who really makes you feel like you’re sitting at her table.

The Easy Homestead– Another one of my favorite blogs! I love following along with Jen as her and her family work their homestead. Sassy and fun Jen has great, easy (obviously) tips and recipes that I use.

DoTerra Essential Oils– This is my go-to resource for essential oils for our family. I love them, the quality and the customer service. Essential oils are a big part of our health, beauty and cleaning routines. If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend it. Let me know if you want to try a sample 🙂

Ball Canning– This is where I got my first information on canning. Ball is the best source of information, recipes and supplies for canning your own yummy produce.

MomPrepares– A very cool page with multiple contributors, you can seriously spend a lot time on this page going down the rabbit hole! Enjoy.

Survival at Home– One of the newer blog that I’ve started following. Great for prepper and homesteading ideas and resources.

Mountain Rose Herbs– Excellent source of bulk herbs, spices and other natural ingredients.

I’ll add more as I think of them or find them. There are just so many great blogs and amazing websites full of great tips, recipes and information.

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