Homestead Wedding- DIY Glamour

Homestead Wedding: DIY Glamour on a budget

We’ve officially been engaged for a couple weeks and wow has it been a busy for us! Between work, life, family and friends we’ve been on the go pretty much constantly. Which isn’t all that unusual for us, it’s interesting we are both confirmed homebodies but somehow our schedule is always full. I blame Dustin, people like him! 😉 Anyways, it’s also been very productive because we have gotten a lot of wedding details hammered out!! YAY, I was able to ask all of my bridesmaids to be in the wedding, and amazingly they all said yes! Dustin was able to do the same with his side and it’s nice to know who will be standing up with us in September.

We have our officiant booked, which is so amazing because we were pretty stuck on this part. We are getting married about 3 hours from home and didn’t really feel comfortable asking our pastor from church because we are so bad about attending regularly. And we don’t know any pastors up there, and we didn’t want to go with someone who didn’t know us at all. Turns out a good friend is an ordained minister woot woot for fate. We were having dinner with a group of friends and his wife very kindly offered up his services. We were stunned with their kindness and excitement. Neither of us are the type of people who take friendship for granted and more often than not feel bad asking for anything because we don’t get that people actually like us. But for some reason they do, and she offered so adorably as though we’d even think of saying no! Now we have someone who really knows us, and our relationship, marrying us, and best part they had a very similar ceremony in their own wedding to what we want!!

We have the location set and confirmed, which was pretty easy since it is Dustin’s property. But we were polite and made sure it was ok with his dad…which of course it was! I’m so excited, it is one of my favorite places in the world. Private and beautiful there are great spaces for everything we want to do, and it’s close enough to a good size town that people will be able to make a fun weekend out of the trip! That’s important to me, since no one we are inviting actually lives there I wanted to make sure there was hotels and activities for them to make a weekend out of the trip. Otherwise it’s close enough if people really wanted to do the round-trip they could. It also splits the difference between my family up north and our family here.

Budget is the biggest part of our wedding, this is a second wedding for me and both of us feel that it is important that we put this party on ourselves. Because we have big plans for being debt free it is especially important that we stick to our budget. Luckily I love being crafty and it’s actually going to be a LOT of fun for me to be able to make most of our decorations and related wedding stuff. We sat down and figured out what was most important to us, and didn’t mind letting the ‘traditional’ things go that were not a huge deal for us. We are planning on doing a potluck style reception, Dustin isn’t big on cakes or sweets so we’ll probably do either pie (we are both suckers for apple pie) or cupcakes. Music and good photography are important to us so we’re willing to spend a little more on those budget items. I’m not much of a girlie girl and so buying a big fancy wedding dress isn’t something that appeals to me (particularly financially) so I have been really happy with the selections I have found on Modcloth!! I’ve already ordered two that I love that were on great sale and can’t wait to try them on.

Our overall style for the wedding is eclectic, we want to play up the natural beauty of the property and focus on our heritage so we are pulling from a lot of different areas. A lot of lace, candles, wine bottles and glass jars, and plenty of wildflowers and a lot of personal touches.If you want to follow along please come check out my Pinterest page for the wedding! I am loving all the ideas I have found from so many wonderfully creative people out there!

One of my favorite projects so far has been how I asked my bridesmaids to be in the wedding!! I originally wanted to find small boxes (like cupcake size) but it just didn’t work out, so I went with plain white gift bags! I added the burlap and lace with fabric glue and loved how they turned out!

Maid of honor- My sister:

Maid of Honor ask


Dustin’s sister:

Bridesmaid ask- sister in law

Two great friends I made at work:

Bridesmaid ask- friendsInside each bag I put a ring pop (cause who pops the question with out a ring?) and each card was written with a personal message of mushy love to my girls. I’m so happy to have four beautiful, fun, sassy women standing up with me. And I love how the ask bags turned out!

Bridesmaid Ask BagsI also have a ton of wine bottles saved up that I have been collecting for the last couple years to do a bunch of Pinterest projects with, since I haven’t gotten around to those yet they will most likely be used as wedding decorations instead! I have been trying a bunch of different styles for decorating them and it’s been really fun. Can’t wait to try some more combinations of lace, burlap, twine, and ribbon!

DIY Wedding Decoration

If you are on a budget then I highly recommend you check out your local thrift stores and garage sales, I have been able to find a TON of stuff there for really cheap. Seriously, tapered candles were 5/$1 at one place!! Next time I’ll update you on some of the eco-friendly plans we have for the wedding and how we’ve been working on keeping everything under budget so we can splurge on the important things. Planning this wedding is so much fun, we can’t wait to have a big party with all our loved ones and promise ourselves to each other. I’m particularly excited to share some of our ceremony ideas with you guys, I know most people focus on the reception (cause who doesn’t love a good party) but we both wanted to put a lot of emphasis on our ceremony and making it both memorable and meaningful. I love what we have planned so far and can’t wait to show you guys the details. So what ways did you stay on budget for your own wedding?! Share the deets, I’m a girl on a limited budget with big plans!

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