Granny Falls Creek

This reminds me of the time we caught a ‘Grandma Fish’ up in Canada, 20 years later it still makes me chuckle to think about hauling my lovely grandma out of the cold water with our poles!

Happy Homesteaders in Texas

Back in January, we took my mother to the property to view the beginning of what would become our “forever” home.  After looking at the foundation that was in the process of being poured we walked out to the back of the property to check on the mineral block we had set out for the deer/antelope, get the disk out of the Critter Cam and walk along the little creek.

During our little walk, my mother lost her balance and with a slow, downward pirouette she fell into the water!  Fortunately, other than her pride, she was not injured and for few days afterwards the family had a little fun at her expense on Facebook.  I felt that the occasion needed to be remembered for ages to come and put out a request for my FB friends and family to “Name That Crick”!  I received several great recommendations but the…

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