Engagement on the Homestead

I’m engaged!


Promised to marry.


Look at us all cute and unknowning 😉

I do love the sound of that! Dustin and I are so lucky to have found each other, the irony is we were in the periphery of each others lives for a very long time! We went to the same high school, had friends in common, he worked at my favorite book store, even months before we met we were at the same concert! We keep finding more and more places, times and people we had in common. It’s amazing that it took us 11 years to meet, but it does make for great fun to think about what might have been. We actually finally met through an app that Facebook recommended to both of us and clicked instantly. We talked for a couple weeks and I was hooked, couldn’t get the stupid goofy grin off my face anytime I saw a message from him pop up. Intelligent, funny, goofy, and our conversations ranged from past experiences to dreams for the future to frustrations of the day. Nothing was sacred, nothing was awkward, nothing was missing. 


The start of the long walk!

I’ll never forget our first date for as long as I can live. I was out with a friend and he was spending time with his brother, from what I understand the goofy grin wasn’t just something I got when we chatted and Dustin’s brother talked him into asking me to join them for dinner. We’re both fairly shy and introverted so this was a big deal. ‘Be brave, come to dinner’ most exciting and terrifying text I have ever gotten. My heart was pounding the whole drive to his apartment. But the first moment we laid eyes on each other, forget sparks for us there was lightening. From the very first hug I was hooked. Best. First. Date. EVER!


I could walk hand and hand with him forever!

From that point on there was no going back. I had fought the idea of getting into a relationship. For me, a relationship means you see a future and intend to work for that, otherwise what’s the point. And I was scared. I had only been in two relationships up to that point and neither had ended well. I had been burnt and not a big fan of the flame. But Dustin was different. He listened, not only to what I was saying, but to what I wasn’t saying. I will never forget the day I truly fell in love with him. In fact I know the exact day and time it happened. 9/5/2013 at 11:52pm. How do I know how that happened?

“I am not perfect. I WILL piss you off. I will infuriate you. I will make you question “us”. Why? Because I’m dumb and do stupid shit. But know that when I say I Love You, it will be true. I will not lie to you. I will not deceive you. So use me as your control. You are afraid that I will break your heart because I am false? Wait and watch me. Learn from my actions and words that I wish you no harm. Will I fail you at times? Yes! I am human, and by design I am flawed. But I will not rip your hopes or dreams. I will not tear down what you love and cherish and trod on it. I am not the perfect man, I’m not even perfect for you. But nobody really is. We will clash, we will fight. But I will never give up on you if you don’t give up on me. This I promise.” 

What can I say, my man has a way with words. Who could resist that? I was sunk. Completely and utterly sunk. Fast forward to last night! Dustin has been teasing me for a couple weeks that he would ask before my birthday (September 21st by the way), I’ve been counting down and he has delighted in getting me to think it would be then. We had planned to go to his brother’s marriage vows renewal ceremony in Grand Haven for months so I thought nothing of it when we were getting ready to head up there. We got dressed up (no small thing for me) and they picked us up, traffic in Grand Haven can be a bit….intense.

one knee

Down on one knee and everything. What a man!

So we wanted to have plenty of time to get there (so I thought). We found parking and got to enjoy some time people watching and checking out the sidewalk sales. Other than the high heels it was fantastically fun. We checked out the deals and found a great bench to sit and watch the people go by, a favorite past time for us. Then, the guys maneuvered us to walk down to the pier. Dustin’s brother had his camera and wanted to get a few pictures of the lighthouse. So shoes came off and we headed out that way. Any time I get to spend walking hand in hand with Dustin is time well spent. We still have no problem talking for hours. Yesterday was no different! We checked out the pretty boats, dreamed of sailing away some time, talked about work, and dreams and goals and all the other things we enjoy talking about.

tearing up

I seriously got teared up

By the time we made it to the start of the pier my feet were done! Dustin and his brother wanted to walk to the end, his sister in law was going to sit and wait. My feet voted wait! The look on Dustin’s face, and his “get your butt out here” order certainly raised my suspicions! But I enjoyed the walk anyways, it’s beautiful out there and the weather was perfect and the company was divine. We got to the end and I figured that’s where he would do it….We looked around a bit, his brother took some pictures….then they headed back. WTH?! I was so confused. So I plopped down and demanded a break!! We sat there and enjoyed the breeze, Dustin was fidgeting, which isn’t all that unusual so I didn’t think anything of it. Then he got up, and got even more fidgety. It was adorable.


Kissy kissy

He pulled me up with him and then I knew what was happening and even though I had been expecting it I was speechless. He got down on one knee and asked me the most romantic question ever… to which I got teared up and put him out of his misery ;-). The other people on the pier cheered and we hugged and I was literally swept off my feet and spun in a circle. It was just like a movie. Seriously. Amazing. 


What a great shot! Thanks Josh!!

We walked back and I was still confused as to why we weren’t heading to the event..turns out it was a ruse! They had decided not to do it and no one told me!! We went to dinner, watched the musical fountain and I was walking on the clouds. Well my feet were damn sore, but otherwise ecstatically happy. 🙂 Best day ever. So glad we got to share it with our friends, had a perfect day and I will certainly never forget it!! Now to plan the very best homestead, casual, relaxed, fun wedding ever! 


Engaged. Happy. Lovely.

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