First Giveaway

I am so very excited to have you all along for this journey in homesteading with us! Today was a big day on the Facebook page, we crossed not only 200 likes, not only 300 likes, but 400 likes!! OMG! I know that may not seem like a lot to everyone, but to me, that’s a huge number. You all are so wonderful and I have been so touched by the comments and messages I have received from readers. I set out to start this blog to document our journey as suburban (and someday rural) homesteaders, as long as even one person is enjoying what I write and learning from our experiences than this is a worthwhile endeavor. SO to say thank you to my wonderful followers I am doing my very first giveaway. I asked y’all what you would like. These were the three choices.

A. Blueberry Extravaganza- I had a blast picking blueberries and want to share the bounty. 1 pint of blueberry pie filling, 1 large jar of jam and 1 small jar of jam (to share with a friend, or horde for yourself, I won’t judge.

image (1)

B. Heavenly Body Butter– This stuff works amazing and smells delicious. I am sending you a pint of freshly made Mint Chocolate Body Butter, and a sample of our favorite Deep Blue massage lotion. Talk your special someone into giving you a nice massage.


C. Essential Oils- We use them everyday in our house, so I am sending you some of my absolute favorites as well as a mini copy of the Modern Essentials guide.

Essential Oils (1)

It was a close battle, body butter took an early lead with essential oils coming up quickly. I was torn on what to give….Then I realized, it’s my blog I can do what I want! SO I’m giving away all three. 🙂 You guys are so wonderful and amazing and I want to show my appreciation. So I will pick 3 winners and send you my appreciation.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
(Entry goes between 8/14-8/21 with winner announced on Facebook on the 21st!)

Love you guys,


20 thoughts on “First Giveaway

  1. What an exciting contest! Just found out about your page from another blogger, The Easy Homestead. Can’t wait to read more. And I love that your prize package includes homemade goodies like blueberry jam, my favorite! Best of luck!


  2. Just learned of you on Facebook. I love to read and see what you have learned, mistakes and all. So that I can learn what to do myself


  3. I just found your blog, so I don’t have a favorite yet. Looks like I’ve got some reading to do to catch up on your other blog posts!


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