Homestead Kitchen – Ladies, A Plate

What a lovely story! And a great looking recipe

Union Homestead

When Oma Jo, The Milk Maid’s grandmother, was seventy seven years old, she was persuaded to write her life story.

The resultant booklet, copied and bound, was distributed around the family and the Homestead copy is well-thumbed and a tad tatty now.  Written as she spoke, Oma Jo’s trademark no-nonsense, say-it-like-it-is style makes it compulsive reading.  It’s a warts and all look at a solid branch of the Homestead family tree, tracing her childhood, marriage, the birth of her four children, and her first forty years in  the village of Eenrum, Groningen in the Netherlands  through to the family’s move to, assimilation, and life in New Zealand.  Some of it is hard to read as Oma Jo wasn’t one to pull her punches, but she was also quick to laugh at herself and one story that we all heard many times before it was put into print was the story of The…

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