Heavenly Body Butter- The Stuff of Legends

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One of the biggest changes we’ve made in our house is the move from commercially made health and beauty products to homemade. It really hasn’t been a hardship at all since I enjoy making them, it saves us a lot of money, and they work amazingly so we have yet to feel deprived. Plus, as an added bonus no crazy, icky, unpronounceable chemicals are going on our bodies! My poor man has really dry hands that are super sore so he is REALLY lucky (take note babe, you’re really lucky) that I enjoy giving him hand massages. At first I would use regular lotion for hand and back massages but I didn’t like the greasy feeling, the price is ridiculous for lotion and I knew there had to be a better alternative out there. TaDa Mint Chocolate Body Butter!!

I love this stuff. The first time I made it I was hooked, coconut oil is fantastic for your skin, a little goes a long way, and you’re not left with that slick, greasy feeling on your skin. Add in the shea butter (or cocoa butter if you prefer a more chocolately smell) and peppermint essential oil and you’ve got something that smells delicious and does great things for your skin. After a couple tries at making it I’ve gotten better and tweaked the recipe enough to feel happy with the results consistently. You can pick up most of these ingredients from your local health food store, I’m lucky to have a couple of them in town and so I usually comparison shop and pick up the best deal. I love the offerings at Mountain Rose and am saving up to buy a big bulk order from them so I can stock up on body butter, homemade chap stick and body scrubs!
The recipe is also easy to modify to make whatever amount you want/need. Equal parts coconut oil and shea butter and add in the essential oils. I exclusively use DoTerra brand oils for anything going on or in our bodies. But use whatever brand you’re most comfortable with. Peppermint is my favorite choice because it goes so nicely with the chocolately smell of the shea butter, plus it gives a nice cool/tingly feeling that is perfect for massages.

You’ll need to soften up the shea butter, it’s significantly harder than the coconut oil so you’ll need to either microwave it, or use a double boiler. I throw the shea butter into the double boiler and once it is melted I add it to the coconut oil (it helps cool the shea butter faster and the coconut oil melts super easy) in my chilled mixer bowl. You’ll want to wait for the shea to come back down to room temperature. Putting it in the fridge for a little bit helps but don’t forget it’s there because if it solidifies you’ll need to remelt the mixture before moving on to the next step.

Once you’re oil mix has cooled you’ll use the whisk attachment on you’re mixer (I love my stand mixer for this but a hand mixer will work as well) and let it go to town.

I start slow so the oil doesn’t slosh every where and then move it up to medium. At this point add the essential oils you’ve chosen (if you want to use it) and let the mixer go until you’ve reached a nice fluffy consistency. 

That’s it! How easy is that? I store mine in glass canning jars cause I love the look, but you can keep it in whatever you want. Store in a cool dry area, fridge is fine if you have to, the coconut oil will keep it from getting to hard and will soften up in your hands. Then you’re ready to use it! Our friend swears by this stuff for his eczema and we love it for winter dry skin. The smell is soft and light when it goes on and you’ll love how it moisturizes your skin. Pass it out for presents or horde it all for yourself (I won’t judge) and step away from the chemical laden commercial lotions!

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