Bug-Out Location: When the Zombies Come, You’ll Want a Place to Run


Today we’re talking about Bug-Out Locations! There may come a point during the Zombie apocalypse when you will have to get out of dodge. This is especially true if you live in a large urban area. But even us, in our typical suburban town, will have to make a break for it when the zombie hordes descends. Bug out locations are important because you will have two big worries during an emergency, access to your supplies and avoiding both living and dead zombies. Obviously the undead zombies are the ones out to eat you and turn you into one of them. But living zombies freak me out more, they are the non-preppers of the world. People who believe that it is someone else’s problem to take care of them in an emergency. And when SHTF they’ll quickly realize that help isn’t coming. And instead of trying to eat you’re flesh they’ll be trying to eat up your supplies. Too many people and not enough resources will lead to a very desperate and scary situation. Look at the history of almost every emergency situation and you will hear horror stories of riots, mobs, and violence. Scary stuff! Definitely not something I want my family to have to deal with while we’re trying to survive.

Space, resources and privacy are three things that I look for in choosing a bug out location. You’re also going to want to be reasonable in where you’re bug out location is, living in Florida and having a bug-out location in Maine probably isn’t the wisest course of action. Here is a list of things to think about when choosing a bug-out location.

  • Location
    • Could you walk there in a reasonable time if necessary? Will you have vehicles able to access this location in all seasons, with enough room for everyone in your family/Zombie team?
    • Is it a highly populated area? If so, probably not a good location for a bug out location.
    • Is it within walking/easy driving of a LARGE metropolitan area? I’m thinking Chicago, NYC, LA, this increases the likely hood of others traveling to this spot.
  • Site choice
    • Is this location already built up? Are there buildings on site? A well?
    • Do you own this place,  are you going to rent a location (ie campsite, property, etc) or depend on state land (state forests, campgrounds, etc)? I highly recommend the first option since its more secure but start with what you can get and work from there.
    • How familiar are you with the area? Are you aware of the natural resources, natural dangers, local topography of the area? These are definite things to research.
  • Long term viability
    • Accessibility of water and natural resources you’ll need when you’re stores run out.
    • Security features and natural concealment/protection
    • Weather, elevation and space that is conducive to growing your own food

 Once you have a place in mind it is important to think about how you and your family will get there. You’ll want to avoid major highways since everyone will likely be on those roads and creating a huge traffic jam. Find back roads ways to get there. Every time you go to visit it (and you should do this because 1. It’s fun to go camping/vacationing out of town. 2. Just like anything in you’re emergency plan it’s important to not wait until an emergency to try it out) try a different route to get there. Become familiar with all options. If you can, start bringing some supplies there. It’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basic so don’t forget to keep supplies at home and in your cars as well. But it’s a good idea to have the basics at your bug-out location just like it is at home. Focus on the same places you would begin at home and then go from there.

Lastly, don’t advertise your bug-out location. A bug-out location is your greatest hope for survival in a really bad situation. It’s a great place to go if you have to ride out a storm or have your power our for a week. But more than that, you’re bug out location is where you will survive, long term, when the world as we know it has ended. Wrapping your mind around that is very hard but really important, this is the mental aspect of prepping, and in my opinion it is the hardest part. It’s great if you have supplies and know how to build anything like MacGuyver. But if you haven’t thought through the mental aspect you’re going to be paralyzed with fear or indecision. The mental part of prepping is realize that there will be people in your extended family, or friends group who aren’t prepared. They’re going to be caught completely unaware by a disaster. They’re probably the people who make fun of you now for stocking up on canned goods. When SHTF they’re going to be the first ones knocking on the door to use you’re supplies or go with you to the bug out location.

This is where you HAVE to be prepared to deal with the mental aspects. Every person you give supplies to takes food/water out of the mouth of your family, every person who knows how to get to your bug-out location but isn’t doing their part to help prepare is just going to be a drain on resources.

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