Farmers Market Morning!

I am so very lucky to have an amazing, thriving farmers market in my town! Our CSA lets up pick our produce there, a lot of local craftspeople bring out their goodies, and it’s less than a mile from my house! The only downside… It gets packed! I mean crazy packed! br />
Me and our friend we share our CSA with like to come at 8am right at opening and get our goodies! The ladies at our CSA all know us, we get great selection cause it’s still coming off the truck and we aren’t elbow to elbow with 1000 other people!! I have picked up all my yummies and now I am waiting for Dustin’s sister so we can wander and then go get breakfast! It’s insane the difference 30 minutes make in how busy the market is here!
Today I picked up 10lbs of fresh green beans that I’ll be canning, and since I actually enjoy canning I’m doing enough for both families! (My friend doesn’t love canning and when I first mentioned the water bath method she thought you actually put the cans in the tub! It was adorable) so I will be borrowing my grandmas pressure canner (I have such a hard time choosing one for myself!) and that’s probably how my afternoon will be spent! What are you folks up to on this gorgeous Saturday?<


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