Essential Oils

I love essential oils. I mean it. I really really really love them! I was a dabbler for a long time, buying the essential oils you find at the grocery store and adding them to my baths or diffusing in a room. But I never really understood the true impact oils could have in every facet of your life until I really got serious about having a healthier more natural life. One of my first steps was making my own laundry detergent. It wasn’t a huge thing, but I couldn’t justify the cost of commercial laundry detergent, not when there were SO many Pinterest pins with recipes for DIY laundry detergent that didn’t look terribly hard. So I made a batch, almost 2 years ago now. And fell in love. I liked the way my clothes felt, I preferred the scent from the essential oils and ivory soap over any chemical-y brand out there, it lasted for so long and it was considerably cheaper. So I started making my own lotion and learned that body butter is my best friend during a long dry winter! Next came chapstick, scrubs, bubble bath, and pretty much anything else you can think of, not everything I made turned out perfectly, but I was having a great time and so I wanted to learn more. I am a book nerd, I learn best by reading, so I turned to my trusty Kindle Fire and found every book on essential oils I could. Luckily there were a bunch of them, best of all I found a bunch of them for FREE!! woohoo 🙂 Might I recommend these:

These items made awesome presents, and just made me feel better. It wasn’t until I started using DoTerra oils though that I realized how much essential oils could help us physically and mentally. I loved the smells and loved the way it made my skin feel when I added eucalyptus to my bath. But learning that I could use peppermint to help with heartburn, serenity for sleeping, or lavender for headaches, that I really came to appreciate how awesome essential oils were. Not only was I getting all the benefits of OTC without the side effects I was getting it at a major discount….Plus I smelled yummy 😉 I even got Dustin on board and he is now the biggest fan of Deep Blue! I love DoTerra and will always recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality, pure essential oil. I compare them to the stuff I bought at the grocery store and it’s not even close. But if you are happy with whatever brand you use that’s awesome! I encourage you to take your healthcare into your own hands. We are preppers in this house and we know that there might be a time when we won’t have all the modern conveniences right at hand, knowing some tricks and home remedies could make life so much safer and better should you be stranded without power, stuck at a shelter during a hurricane or surviving life after the zombie apocalypse! I love sharing my enthusiasm for all essential oils, I even created a Facebook page dedicated to teaching others the powerful uses of essential oils, so stop on by and join the fun. And please share with my your favorite uses for essential oils.

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