Suburban Homesteading

All to often when we think of a homestead we imagine acres upon acres of gardens and animals. This would be a dream come true for many of us, but just isn’t feasible for everyone. That doesn’t mean the homesteading lifestyle is out of reach. We live in a pretty typical suburban town; 30k plus in population, densely packed neighborhoods, etc. But that hasn’t stopped us from working towards our goal of becoming sustainable and self-sufficient, it just means we have to get more creative with how we make that happen! Some of the ways we have done that include:
Growing food instead of a lawn!

Enjoying the bounties of local u-pick and CSA opportunities

Canning our own produce and the produce we get from our CSA and U-pick adventures!


We use essential oils whenever possible! This includes in our cleaning routines, for minor healthcare issues and for homemade beauty products!
Here is my essential oils go to source!

Overall we try and live as simply as we can. That doesn’t mean we deprive ourselves. Just means we choose those things that we care most about and put our time, money and efforts into that, for us that means spending a little more on quality food from local sources, eating at home instead of going out, taking the time to make our own laundry detergent and lotions rather than spending more for the convenience products! Someday we dream of those acres for our future goats and chickens and kiddos. But for now we save our pennies and do our best to live the sustainable homestead life in our suburban home! Welcome to our journey.

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